Personal Training Ibiza

  • Toned and Fit
    Toned and fit is an innovate group fitness program. With this program you get a lean, flexible, toned and strong body. It is an intense power-workout and strengthens, shapes and sculpts your body in a short time. These physical exercises are highly effective and give you a natural female silhouette and a strong and powerful body. To train in a group is a lot of fun and so it can be much easier to exceed your usual limits.
  • Pilates
    This workout focuses on balance, centring and the flow of movement. Whatever age or however fit we are, Pilates training strengthens our muscles, increases mobility and improves coordination. Pilates is one method of achieving complete body training focussing primarily on…Zentrierung, Balance und Bewegungsfluss komponiert zu einem Workout.
  • Mama Fitness Ibiza
    This training programme is measured to the special needs of each and every pregnant woman or new mum on individual basis. All exercises are variable depending on the individual fitness-level and any other considerations.
  • Aquatraining
    This training is perfect for Ibiza’s hot summer! Who doesn’t love it during The hot summer and what better way to train than in water! Aquatraining is a fantastic cardio training workout which also strengthens and tones your muscles.
  • Fit over 55
    This training session starts with an energetic warm- up which merges into free flowing movements. Exercises for balance, memory and coordination are linked to exercises for strength and flexibility. The class ends with time for a deeper relaxation, stretching, breathing and awareness.
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